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HTML Package "English Standard Version" for Homepage or Mobile Phone

The Word in HTML for your homepage or offline use on your mobile phone

This archive contains one HTML file per day from the English Standard Version. A central cascading style sheet (CSS) is included, simply adapt it to customize the layout of all texts.


  1. unpack the archive into any folder (ensure that subfolders will be created; WinZip: "use paths");
  2. open the file theword.html to view The Word of the day.

If you want to display the text without line-breaks (e.g. for mobile phones): rename the file thewordMobile.css to thewords.css.

Author: Helmut Steeb (hs2013 at bible2 . net)

The Word 2024: Download (357 kB) (Version: 2023-12-07)

2018-12-13 • HSteeb